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FSBO vs. Cash Home Buyer: Best Option for Selling your Baltimore Home

by | Oct 27, 2021

FSBO  vs. Cash Home Buyer: Best Option for Selling your Baltimore Home

If you’re reading this article, you might be asking yourself, “How do I sell my house fast in Baltimore?” After a bit of research, you might come across two methods: contact a cash home buyer familiar with the Baltimore, MD market or contact a seller that swears by the FSBO method. So what should you trust?

We’re here to recommend that you not trust FSBO sellers, and cash home buyers might be the better option for quick selling.

To find out why, read on:

Why should I not trust FSBO sellers?

1. They aren’t selling with the ultimate home selling tool

The multiple listing service or MLS is only accessible through trusted and licensed real estate agents. This way, the property can be accessible on sites like Zillow and

Reputable sellers want their properties to be visible in as many outlets as possible, and MLS is one such outlet. FSBO sellers who miss out on this outlet don’t attract as many clients as they’d like.

2. FSBO sellers might be subject to more error

When a property is sold via FSBO, expect that there aren’t a lot of reputable middlemen overseeing the whole process. FSBO sellers won’t likely get lawyers or real estate agents to help them with all the official paperwork that needs to be done.

This could mean that the buying process may be more taxing than you’d realize. You could be held back by mistakes the seller themself is committing.

3. FSBO sellers could be selling overpriced property

They normally lack an objective stance, and may be putting a high price on a price for sentimental reasons or simply because they have a very skewed notion of how much their property should cost. They may also have debts of their own that you don’t know about, hence having to sell extra.

If you don’t have a property advisor on your side, you could fall prey to paying for more than you need to with a FSBO deal. Tread carefully and understand how much average prices are in the market before you trust anyone.

Why should I go with a cash home buyer instead?

1. You will experience a faster, flexible selling process

Normally, mortgage application is an integral part of the property purchasing
process. However, with a cash-only deal, you won’t have to go through this
tedious process.

Without the necessity of a mortgage, you’ll have to go through less paperwork
and less third party contacts just to make sure that your house gets sold

2. It’s completely fine to sell your house “as-is”

By as-is, we mean this quite literally! If you noticed that your property is in
need of cleaning or repairs, selling to an ordinary buyer would mean that you’d also have to spend on additional services just to make sure everything’s spick and span.

A decent home buying company in Baltimore would normally waive all of these necessities and be completely fine with purchasing the property as-is. This means that if any cleaning or repairing is needed, they are more than happy to shoulder all these costs after they pay you, so they can recoup the costs via reselling.

3. They understand that time is money

Cash home buyers try to make sure the process is as legitimate and fast as possible. They understand that you don’t have all the time in the world, but urgently need the cash for important reasons. Hence, they’re all about closing deals as fast as possible, and sending you the money you need immediately.

You won’t have to worry about a slow, arduous process when you trust a professional cash home buyer.

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